Aug 28, 2015

Web Side Story #4: Why Public Opinion Can Be Bad And Undermine Useful Discussions

It's really interesting to see how public opinion on the net falls into many problems and issues. Years ago, the internet and such public opinion machines like Twitter and Facebook were hailed as the liberation of the individual worldwide, everybody could voice their opinion so the world will become better...right?
Actually, not really. It did good for most but after a certain degree of liberty, it tends to turn for the bad side. By that, I mean toxic discussions, trolling and other things.
With the example of the discussion of the refugee wave coming to Europe, I wanna discuss why I think said things apply and what conclusions can be drawn from it.

Jul 27, 2015

A Share of German: Sex Education On Words

Ah, German! The sound of German or a German accent gives some people a hard-on, others a hard time to understand the German's thick accent and for others it's hard to learn. Yet, sometimes German can be very fun to think about and beyond the hard-sounding exterior of the German language, the small things are what makes German so unique. Today, this small thing is actually about...different-sized things. You'll see what I mean by the end of this read.
This fox boy surely won't like what he will read about his signature characteristic (or characteristics?)

May 15, 2015

Music Musings #2: Let The Diversity Begin!

Artists are at times very controversial characters - sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident or due to vile reporters. But what they do in daily life will probably reach into their music career, whether they want it or not.
The music they make will also influence our impression of the artist. And there it's also insightful to see what factors into our taste by what the artist can probably influence the most - the artist itself, their song writing and message it gives and the morals of them.
Let's get it on then.

Jan 26, 2015

Music Musings #1 - The Beginning of My Empirical March Through Music

(cue Star Wars music)

Lately I felt kind of troubled when I listened to Spotify for a while. I tried to listen to some new people, some old ones and also tried to find gems among those artists I really don't like.
To get to the point quickly, I wondered about how music is valued and could be valued and what I think are some complicated matters to consider.

Considering today's music? What do you expect me to do?!?!

Sep 6, 2014

Web Site Story #3: Privacy and Security - When The Empire Strokes Back

No real time or muse to write a lengthy introduction so let's get onto the meat (see what I did there?) immediately. No meat to see here however...or...?'s your meat. I hope you haven't expected any other meat.

Aug 23, 2014

Internet Phenomanon #2: Donations - Why Aren't We Donating To Cure Narcissism?

It is something that can't be avoided - it's not even only bound to the internet, it's in every media you can think of: the so-called Ice Bucket Challenge. What could have been a real change of pace turned out to be one of those internet fads again.

I will say it right now: I don't spend money for ALS and I don't care at all when somebody critizises me for it. Instead, I donate with something as or more important than money - and I will explain why I find it personally more important than donating money. I will also explain why I find the "You donate money = good guy ; You don't donate money = bad guy" moral very, very flawed.

Aug 15, 2014

Below The Belt - What People Are Blind To

WARNING: If you are sensitive about suicide, have depression, bipolar disorder or any other mental disorder which brings you to the brink of suicide: please read on, but only if you're currently fine and not in a down phase. Otherwise, words may be taken the wrong way and can lead to impulsive, not thought out actions and reactions.

Just because this post is about suicide, it doesn't mean that I'm all sentimental. Even after the suicide of Robin Williams, I feel rather neutral to it. I haven't watched many movies with him but he had an unique talent indeed. Now where he died, reactions are all over the place, especially on Facebook and Twitter. And there are things which upset me greatly and that's why I want to write about suicide. Even if it's written out of a bit of anger and disappointment about the lack of empathy from others, I wanted to write something which is decisive yet should give those on the brink something to think about.

May 25, 2014

What Is Love? Love Hurts? Fallin' In And Out? - Issues and Solutions

Such a nice topic to write an essay about - at least that's where I got the inspiration from to write about it. But I won't answer this question, I rather want to make some random thoughts about love and the basic, crucial things - I can write this with some experience so I can get into it pretty well. After all, you learn from others' mistakes.

Dec 28, 2013

Facebook Groups: "Where Is The Love?" or "How I Loved The Clicks" or "Zeitgeist Today: How People Tend To Make Money Out Of Everything"

So many headlines to choose from, so little will to choose only one.

Browsing through Facebook again and one more time, I realize one thing: Facebook groups became a clusterfuck. There are groups who are really doing an amazing job at delivering what people feel asking for but then there are some things which really rather show the "bad" side of Facebook groups. Three things may be a reason: being on Facebook, being better than Facebook and being Facebook.
Sounds interesting or totally ridiculous and you ask how that comes together with reason?
Then read on!

Dec 19, 2013

What Aristocrats Offer, What Courts Do Buy

Source it's based on:

Reading this made me angry; actually I've found that article through a Youtube channel I just subscribed to which brings up some news in short form and I was surprised that it seemed so thoroughly researched.
And hearing what I've heard just shocked me so much, that I've written a status on Facebook about it which I have never(!) done in my life, that enraged I was.
But what is it about and how does all that look to me? Does anything there make sense?

Dec 10, 2013

Web Site Story #2: Love Is Blind, But Hate Is Also Blind

Heard some new celebrity news recently? Like JB or Miley misbehaving over and over again? Well, if so, then I can assume that you hate them. And, guess what will annoy you the most when reading that: days after, you see how unaffected they are of bad things and the fans fawn over them, maybe even more than before. Sounds unjust to you and therefore a reason to hate somebody? Well, you aren't alone there. I have the same feelings, too...well, partially have, partially had - but let's get into the big influence of fan bases/fandoms to outsiders and how they can be blamed for a star's reputation or not.

Jul 20, 2013

Internet Phenomanon #1 - Emoticon(fusion)

So...let's explain: I'm weak against smileys, emoticons etc.
Normally, like 6 months ago, I wouldn't even dare to use them since I've found them totally overused and way too clichéed.
Guess what happened. XD
Yeah...that moment where you realize that you spam them unconsciously all over the place. Which doesn't mean that you know about them completely.
Here are some thoughts and the award for the in my opinion most confusing emoticons.

Apr 4, 2013

Hunger Games - McDonalds Edition

Interesting what you can go through your mind when you participate in a lottery. Well, not exactly "participate" but I hope you know what I mean. Yes, the McDonalds Monopoly has made ​​clear to me how the marketing strikes sometimes unnoticed - or rather said - should strike. Here some thoughts.

Sep 25, 2012

Introduction, Stuff and Formalities first post then, huh? Seems like it.
Welcome everyone to my new blog called "The Rambler's Den"!
Actually it's quite a new experience to write freely my thoughts, experiences and ramblings I have in mind on a blog visible for everybody.
And without much rambling (which somehow contradicts the blog's purpose already -_- ), let's introduce myself!